Who is R2S – Automobile?| Mobile Car Maintenance and service

  • We are a Company of our time, we understand that in this day and age,
    your time is valuable and services should be provided at the highest level
    of quality as well as at the convenience of our customers.
  • We have received time-changing needs and habits and we are here to
    create a breakthrough by changing the routine status of the automotive
    service sector.
  • We are a steady growing innovative Automotive Company. Our team is dedicated, skilled and highly experienced.
  • One of our many specialities includes pioneer car services. We provide car
    quality services at your doorstep, ideal for company fleets where
    time and manpower are extremely diligent.
  • We offer comprehensive and professional full fleet management
    regardless of the size of your Company fleet.
  • We are establishing a leading team through the implementation of
    aviation standards both in service and in technical reporting.
  • We provide a tailor-made preventive maintenance program at your
    convenient location and at your preferable time, which reflects and
    responds to the needs of each fleet and does not disturb the
    service schedule.
  • Our motto is: Your Trust, Our Responsibility!